Activities, Recreation, and Competitions @ NOAC

Activities, Recreation, & Competitions

Wondering what some of the amazing activities are going to be at NOAC this summer? This NOAC many of the same activities that Arrowmen have seen at past NOACs are once again returning, such as NOAC’s Got Talent, escape rooms and competitions. However, the conference Activities Recreation and Competitions team has come up with some new and exciting ideas that even an experienced Arrowman will enjoy! 

Bond with delegates from your lodge as you compete in Basketball, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, and more! Showcase your unique talent through NOAC’s Got Talent! Display your cunning and quick thinking in with a team in an escape room. NOAC is bringing back escape rooms, with themes including Prison Room, Zombie Bunker, a Historical OA Room, and more!  NOAC 2020 will offer many brand new opportunities for Arrowmen! First, NOAC will host a car show where we will showcase old, new and even some experimental cars. NOAC is expecting manufacturer support to make sure this is an event you will not want to miss! Additionally, this year the inaugural OA Alexander Triathlon will take place. Compete against your fellow Arrowmen in a run, swim and bike race! 

These are just some of the activities and competitions being held at NOAC 2020, with many more opportunities for delegates to Step Up, Step Forward, and have a blast! Grab your friends and register for these exciting opportunities on NOAERS starting April 1! See you August 3rd!