Hackathon @ NOAC


Registration for NOAC 2020 is open and we are excited to announce that there will be the first OA Hackathon at NOAC!

This OA Hackathon, at the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference, will be truly unlike anything the Order of the Arrow has ever seen. Youth and adults at conference will be given the opportunity to identify technology ideation, engage in solving problems that every lodge encounters, and create tangible solutions which they can bring back home!

This hands-on, high-energy event will focus on identifying problems, engaging creativity, and creating solutions at all levels of the organization. Delegates will experience engaging training, a creativity and ideation session, and a typical ‘hackathon’ competition. Similarly, delegates will be provided with feedback about current programs in the OA and prompted to ‘hack’ a solution together.

Training at the 2020 OA Hackathon at NOAC will be focused on current and emerging technology of the OA, High Performing Lodges and the integration of technology, as well as problem solving and project management, specifically in regard to software development.

This series of training will prepare delegates for an immersive technology competition focused on the betterment of their chapters, lodges, and sections. These trainings will also give Arrowmen to step forward as they identify how technology will impact the OA and how to leverage technology to step up to thrive.  

Throughout the event will have exciting activities such as virtual reality and demonstration of world-class technology. We will also have coaching and troubleshooting to assist with all facets of the delegates’ competition projects and ideas.

The 2020 OA Hackathon will require you to supply a laptop yourself for the program. It is highly encouraged to have coding and other technology experience before NOAC 2020. This is the first OA Hackathon at the National Order of the Arrow Conference and the opportunities are endless. Be sure to join us on Thursday and Friday at NOAC to #HackOA and bring home emerging technology. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information about NOAC 2020 and the 2020 OA Hackathon please visit NOAC2020.org.