How to Connect with NOAC!


Are you excited for NOAC, because we sure are! We are just a few short months away from the start of our Order’s premier event! We are working diligently to make sure that this conference has everything to offer. With that, we constantly have new updates about NOAC 2020 to make sure you are prepared for the time of your life! 

There are many ways to get connected to all things NOAC 2020. To start off, we have the noac website: Here is where you can find out more and register for NOAC 2020. Not only this, our website lays out all the different ways to get involved with NOAC and answers a lot of the frequently asked questions that come up prior to someone attending NOAC. 

Another way to stay connected is following our official social media accounts on a number of platforms that will provide you updates about how to make the most out of your NOAC experience. This allows you to receive notifications as soon as special announcements are released!

Facebook: @oanoac

Instagram: @oanoac

Twitter: @oanoac

Snapchat: @oanoac

Hashtags: #NOAC2020 #stepupstepforward

On top of all this, we also have a special newsletter called “The Tread”, which will have all of the exciting news regarding NOAC delivered right to your inbox! There will be lots of exciting updates as we grow closer to NOAC so get excited and keep a look out.  

Finally, participants who are planning to attend NOAC 2020 can also expect to receive daily updates regarding special events, gatherings, and much more during the conference itself! You do not want to miss out, so if you haven’t already, get connected today and we will see you at NOAC!