Polestar: Inductions Training Opportunity


Contingent Leaders! Polestar Induction Leadership Training is designed to supply Arrowmen the information and tools needed to help develop their home lodge’s induction experience. This course is by invitation only.

The Need Is NOW!

Recent surveys confirm that the OA membership journey that is called the Induction (from Unit Elections through Brotherhood), is relevant and adds value to the lives of today’s youth. The Induction, designed as a multi-month experience to build personal resilience and meaningful friendships, is a powerful and impactful experience for our members when delivered successfully. Lodge leaders are uniquely positioned to provide this opportunity. In return for sending delegates to the Polestar Experience, sections can expect to see their lodges progress toward achieving High-Performance Lodge status, as well as an improved positive impact of OA programs in their lodges and chapters.

What to Expect

Polestar is designed to help lodge leaders provide new Arrowmen with a positive membership journey. This course will be held on Wednesday and Thursday morning at NOAC, and will endure for the entire morning training block for those signed up.

Polestar shows how the induction is the Order’s first – and only common – “adventure experience.” The training will point Arrowmen towards a well-executed Induction and provides best practices in Induction delivery. The course will showcase any new or updated information or policies about the Induction journey.


If any member of your contingent wants to be a part of this intensive training, contact your section adviser to get a delegation together.